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Last Call Harlem Lax donations
by posted 05/04/2021

My family and I have had the honor of hosting kids and coaches for Harlem lacrosse program and think the program is fantastic.  So one last call for HELP, North Andover has raised almost $7K and Andover has raised just under $500, maybe you can find a few bucks to help a good cause?  Thanks for the consideration, best of luck the rest of the season.

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Doing what is right vs Wins
by posted 05/04/2021

Anyone growing up in Western NY always rooted for Syracuse in sports.  Some of the best lacrosse players have come through the program, Gait and Powell brothers come to mind, worth a YouTube search if your kids have never seen their highlights.  This year came with a ton of promise as one of the best college players, Chase Scanlan transferred to SU.  However, the season has been a train wreck but the recent story about the team Captain's protesting the reinstatement of Scanlan is a bright-spot.

As a coach, I think we try to teach leadership and preach the importance of working as a team.  I am so impressed how these "kids" showed true leadership and were willing to sacrifice their season for their moral values, what a teaching moment.  I hope you can share this article with your child and discuss it, it really illustrates doing right is never wrong.  

local story:

National story:

With Gratitude,  Coach Riley

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